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1. BRIM - 3 layer projected edge of the hat attached to the crown which provides the shade.
2. CROWN - top of the hat that fits the head.
3. ELASTIC LOOP - is attached to the inside back of the crown on all our hats which have cord and toggles. You simply pass the toggle through the loop to store it when not required.
a. Brass – 4mm standard.
b. Mesh – 1cm diameter mesh covered eyelets. Designed to allow maximum ventilation and keep out any unwanted bugs and grit.
a. Canvas heavyweight cotton/poly – 340gm – 85% cotton / 15% polyester - strong unbleached tight square weave cloth.
b. Corduroy – 240gm – 100% cotton – 8 wale (i.e. protruding ridges that run the length of the fabric) per square 2.5cm.
c. Cotton canvas pre-shrunk lightweight airflow - 220gm – square weave.
d. Denim – 265gm heavyweight.
e. Emphatex – Teflon coated breathable brushed polyester, designed to repel moisture.
f. Heavyweight cotton drill – 290gm tight weave with a diagonal weft.
g. Lightweight cotton drill - 145gm tight weave with a diagonal weft.
h. Linen – 145gm lightweight loose square weave, made from cotton flax.
i. Moleskin – an Australian made square loose weave cotton fabric designed to be hard wearing whilst it breathes. It was invented in the 19th Century especially for Drover and Miners’ pants. It is extremely durable whilst being cool to wear in our hot temperatures.
6. HIDDEN POCKETS – 2 pockets sewn into the inside top of crown. Useful for keeping credit cards, keys etc. The other main purpose of these pockets is that they provide a double layer of fabric on the top of the head thus guaranteeing absolutely no sun penetration.
7. OVER LOCKED & TAPED SEAMS – over locked & covered with a 1cm wide double stitched cotton tape. To stop the fabric fraying when washed.
8. SELF BOUND BRIM – brim has been bound around its outer edge with the same fabric.
9. SWEAT STOP HEADBAND - made with poly cotton or terry towelling. Outer fabric polyester fill and a strip of very thin plastic backing tape. It is designed to reduce the amount of sweat that passes through headband to the fabric of the hat.
10. UNDER BRIM – fabric stitched on the underside of the brim.
Funnel Web Headwear by Colin Usher & Co